To empower, and enable women to effortlessly express their fashion identity through contemporary and exclusive styles.

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Destination-Style was founded on three core values, which we instill in our company to serve our customers; value-based customer service, passion-driven employees, and a healthy, effective work environment.

First, our entrepreneurial pneuma threads to our customer valued service. Our loyal customer service starts with our simplistic website and ends with our easy return method; with seamless experience for our customers in between.

Secondly, all employees hired are passionate about the movement and art of fashion. We have thoughtfully selected a team of hard-working, creative, and committed individuals who will strengthen our company with their eager passion and entrepreneurial minds to continuously grow as a team and add value. Not only do our employees desire to grow within the company, but as spirited individuals. Hiring a diverse group of both men and women with unique backgrounds, brings collective motivation, strength, and creativity to our team.

Lastly, a healthy work culture is structured in our working environment to consistently ensure the overall happiness in our employees, thus carrying out healthy relationships with our customers. We live and work by the idea “treat our employees as we would want our customers to be treated”. The work environment at Destination-Style consists of a sleek fashion exterior, focused on simplifying our customers and employees lives through technological and creative innovation.


Minimizing environmental waste by sharing our wealth, products and knowledge with our community to empower those in need - working alongside organizations such as B Strong and Dress for Success. We plan to donate all clothing we do not sell to organizations in the movement of empowering women searching to better their lives through employment, personal hygiene, and mental health strengthening. We will use our entrepreneurial spirit to work with women in search of a positive life change.

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