Pick a stylist

by setting up your online profile

The "unlimited" option of Destination-Style provides each customer with a personal stylist that is custom to fit their online profile. The online profile will consist of information gathered from a style quiz and sizing sheet, both of which will help your assigned stylist pick the best and most personal outfits. The online profile can be easily accessed with a personal Username and Password. 

tell us where your going and what your doing

Lets us now where your traveling, when and how long you'll be traveling, and what activities your planning on doing.  

Before the customers stylist can style and pack the personalized suitcase, we need to know where the customer is traveling and what they are planning to do. After signing into your online profile, you will click on the "unlimited" tab and fill out the travel details. The travel questions will consist of the following details: 


Activists (Check the boxes that apply to your trip)

֏ Swimming                          ֏ Attending a wedding        ֏ Church

֏ Clubbing                             ֏ Snorkeling                       ֏ Working-out

֏ 5-star dinning                      ֏ Anniversary                    ֏ Beach lounging

֏ Snowboarding/Skiing          ֏ Concert                           ֏ Day partying

֏ Hiking                                  ֏ Charity event                  ֏ Dive-bars

֏ Dancing                               ֏ Work/ meetings              ֏ Group date

֏ Family reunion                    ֏ Extreme sports               ֏ Other ______


sit back and relax

Within the next 24 hours, the customer will receive an email from their stylist with an update on their suitcase-possible questions to further their understanding of the trip, fitting by  specific brands, or options of what coat they like out of a set of 3. Our brand looks to find the best fit and personal understand of each customer. 48 hours later (guaranteed) the suitcase will be packed and shipped to the customer and the customer can log onto their online profile to see what what packed and how to wear each item, if needed.